Ham and Stone Parish Council

Serving the People of Ham, Stone, Lower Stone, Pedington, Hystfield, Bevington and Clapton

Clerk: Mrs Eirian Vaughan Lewis
Cynfal, Damery Lane, Woodford
Gloucestershire GL13 9JR

Tel: 01454 261319

Bulky Waste Items

Posted: Wed, 27 Sep 2017 17:37 by Eirian Vaughan Lewis

In keeping with the Council's objective to channel shift towards self- serve, we are changing the Bulky waste collection booking service to be online only from next Monday 2 Oct. Customers will be able to use a quick and easy, user friendly online process on our website to book a bulky collection. They will book, pay and get confirmation of collection date in one online transaction. This online facility will be available 24/7 so customers can book when it's convenient to them including all weekend. Users who find it difficult to access a personal online device will be encouraged to use public online PC's at libraries, at Ebley Mill Reception and help from family and friends. Phone callers will be advised to book online. Staff will support users to buy in to the advantages of the online self-service route.

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