Ham and Stone Parish Council

Serving the People of Ham, Stone, Lower Stone, Pedington, Hystfield, Bevington and Clapton

Clerk: Mrs Eirian Vaughan Lewis
Cynfal, Damery Lane, Woodford
Gloucestershire GL13 9JR

Tel: 01454 261319

  • Stone village Green

    Stone village Green

  • Pump at Ham

    Pump at Ham


Ham and Stone
The Parish Council serves a population of approx 800 people over an area that stretches from the A38 to the River Severn. It covers Ham, Stone, Lower Stone,Pedington, Hystfield, Bevington and Clapton.

The Parish Council is an elected, unpaid body and consists of a Chairman and Vice-Chairman and has 7 councillors in all.
They employ a paid Clerk for 8 hours per week.
The cost of expenses undertaken by the Parish Council come from the Precept which comes from Stroud District Council - which is raised through the Council Tax.

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Latest News

Stroud District Local Plan Review

Stroud District Council is consulting on an emerging strategy and possible sites to meet our area's growth and development needs over the next 20 years.

The Emerging Strategy Consultation will run from November 16th 2018 until January 18th 2019.

Exhibitions to find out more for the Berkeley cluster will be held on the following dates:

Saturday 1st December 2018 10.30am to 1.30pm at Sharpness Village Hall More »

Monday 3rd December 2018 2.30pm to 6.30pm at Slimbridge Village Hall

For further information on the local plan please go to www.stroud.gov.uk/localplanreview » Less

Posted: Tue, 20 Nov 2018 11:56 by Eirian Vaughan Lewis

Recycling in Gloucestershire

Midweek closure days for county recycling centres

From 28th October Gloucestershire County Council's Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) will be closed one day mid-week, either on a Tuesday, a Wednesday or a Thursday.

As the evenings get colder and darker, the HRCs across the county receive almost 30 per cent less waste and recycling. In order to reflect this and save taxpayers money, HRCs will be open from 10am until 4pm, six days a week. More »

On Tuesdays, Fosse Cross (Cirencester) and Oak Quarry (Coleford) will be closed. On Wednesdays, Pyke Quarry (Horsley near Stroud) and Wingmoor Farm (Bishops Cleeve) will be closed. On Thursdays, Hempsted (Gloucester) will be closed.

The council collected data from recycling centres and this told us that midweek is the quieter period at our sites.

Residents will have a reasonable alternative recycling centre with this closure pattern, by closing sites at opposite sides of the county. The new opening arrangements and how the sites are used will be monitored.

The closure rota also means HRCs in the county will still be open on Bank Holiday Mondays and Good Friday, which are especially busy days at the sites.

More information on the closure days, new seasonal times and the location of our sites can be found online atwww.recycleforgloucestershire.com ' » Less

Posted: Tue, 02 Oct 2018 11:50 by Eirian Vaughan Lewis

Community Governance Review 2018/19

Stroud District Council is undertaking a Community Governance Review (CGR) of Parish and Town Councils to make sure that, at parish level, governance arrangements are working as effectively and efficiently as they should be for the public.

Phase 1: The initial consultation runs from 3rd September 2018 to the 26th November 2018.

A Community Governance Review is the process used to consider whether existing parish arrangements should be changed in any way. This includes: More »

Altering the boundaries of existing parishes;

Changing the names of existing parishes;

Creating a new parish or abolishing an existing parish;

The electoral arrangements for parish councils (including the number of Councillors and arrangements for parish warding);

The grouping of de-grouping or parish councils (and consequential changes to their electoral arrangements).

For more information and to have your say about proposals please visit the following:

website: https://www.stroud.gov.uk/CGR

email: communitygovernancereview@stroud.gov.uk

call: 01453 754886 » Less

Posted: Mon, 03 Sep 2018 15:10 by Eirian Vaughan Lewis